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Stylist Sara O'Neill on being a body double for Kylie Minogue and how her beautiful designs inspired by our coastline are making some big waves (») | 11. 3. 2016 | czytaj: 993× | komentarze: 0
(Photo:prom dresses manchester)Sara O'Neill really does seem to have it all - talent, beauty, an idyllic lifestyle on the north coast and a man regarded by many as probably the most romantic in Northern Ireland. czytaj dalej
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Skinny or fat, both have health consequences for women (») | 9. 3. 2016 | czytaj: 261× | komentarze: 0
(Photo:prom dresses online)Comments on women's physical shape appear to be proliferating on social media as body-shaming is becoming common, especially among bullies who derive sadistic pleasure out of calling names whether one is heavy or skinny. czytaj dalej
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Forget of haute couture: start-ups are the future of Italian fashion (») | 3. 3. 2016 | czytaj: 280× | komentarze: 0
(Photo:marieprom)Although Italy is still renowned worldwide for its haute couture brands, many fashion start-ups are now hitting the Italian scene, redefining the standards of fashion. czytaj dalej