Transition eyeglasses: a potential fashion faux pas

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Who doesn't love big sunglasses? The fashion statement creates a certain mystery that may even hide the fact you you're tired and not wearing any makeup.

I have worn glasses for almost thirty years and experiment. My co-workers' transition eyeglasses intrigued me. They are functional and practical.

My Dad rocked them for years. I took the plunge at the wise age of 36.

It makes sense. Since I rarely have my prescription sunglasses when I want them, transition eyeglasses help. My eyes are sensitive to the sun. I have some contact lenses, but rarely wear them since they irritate my eyes.

My transition eyeglasses stay on well when I exercise. The transition eyeglasses get an A+ for when I run outside. They obviously protect my eyes from the sun.

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Transition eyeglasses can also be awkward. If you are in a meeting or gym with windows, your shades make you look like a rockstar party animal and/or organized crime. It is obvious you were just outside if you try to keep a low profile at your desk. Beware of the potential fashion faux pas.

A camera flash may activate your shades out of context. Lesson learned: wear your regular specs for indoor photo shoots.

Most importantly, own the awkwardness. Try to laugh off your instant shades at the wrong time. Embrace the unintended mystery you now project.

Know they do not work when you drive since windshields' ultra violet protectant block the rays that activate them. When all else fails, that's why you have a handy windshield shade.

Bonus, my five year-old refers to my transition eyeglasses, as "Cool glasses"! Thumbs up for transition eyeglasses.Read more at:prom dresses liverpool

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