The Ultimate Motivation To Beat January Blues

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Today is Blue Monday, AKA, the most depressing day of the year... because it's the third Monday in Jan, we're waaaaay off payday and this weather, well, it speaks for itself.

If your motivation to workout has slipped further down the list of your weekly routine as a result, Joe Wicks AKA, The Body Coach has a few tips for getting out the door when your dark side says otherwise.

THROW AWAY THE SAD STEP. Don't step on the scales! We've all just indulged in a whole month of December debauchery. Throw away the sad step and focus on making progress and getting lean – you shouldn’t put your happiness on losing weight. It’s about being fitter, stronger, and feeling better about yourself.

BE A BIT GUILTY. Really. Don’t beat yourself up for having an occasional treat! You’re allowed to treat yourself every now and then, as long as you balance it out by smashing your workout.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE TO EXERCISE. The one thing everyone dreads in winter is sticking on their warmest gear and going out for a jog – and trying not to break their necks on the ice! You don’t have to run outside to get a good workout in. You can go to your local gym, or if you really don’t want to see anyone for the day, you can always smash out a quick twenty minute HIIT workout in your front room, your hotel room, or the guest bedroom at your parents’ house. Make your workout work for you

DON’T PUSH IT. Saying all this, it’s way too easy to obsess about keeping fit every day. You might feel really dedicated, but this is the worst thing you can do for you body. Give yourself rest days where you just do a few simple stretches to stop your muscles shutting down completely in the cold winter air! Then you can just bundle yourself in front of the TV, no questions asked.

DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. I know it’s really tempting to stop before you’ve even started. “Well I’ll never lose as much weight as so-and-so so there’s no point”. Like I’ve said before, it’s not about the weight and it’s not about numbers. Everyone has a different body and a completely different metabolism. You can only do your best, and as long as you know you’re smashing it, there’s nothing left to do! If you can find a brilliant community around you to support you, like my leanies do with each other, that’s always a huge bonus for staying on track!Read more at:prom dresses 2015

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