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Strike a balance between being comfortable and looking fabulous in this glam gold dress. Accessories aren't necessary with this outfit, but if you are wearing any, keep it simple and minimal

This one-shouldered gown works on many levels. The snazzy pattern obviously brings in the festive cheer, but a dress like this can accentuate your many characteristics. For a glamorous Grecian goddess look, wear the dress with a pretty gold waist belt. If you want a touch of Indo-fusion, wear black pants or leggings with it. You could of course also wear it just as it is. Women of any size can pull this dress off because it is very flattering and hides well all those sticky spots.

This is perfect for those who want to glam it up. The colour works well in winter and it can look good on almost anyone. It's also hasslefree. Because of the mirror-work, one never has to iron it. I'd pair this with a sexyyet- sturdy pair of stilettos.

I'd recommend this for those who are celebrating New Year's Eve in Goa or on some other exotic beach. I love the combination of sun-kissed skin and pretty white dresses. The cut-out work at the bottom of this dress also adds a festive touch. You don't want to trip all over, so sensible platform shoes would work with this number.

If you are going to a more formal gathering, say an office party, then a sheer black kurta with dainty mirror-work like this would work really well. It's an ensemble that a woman of any age can pull off. Wear this with skinny jeans or nice fitting pants.

The key thing about a New Year outfit is that it should be comfortable because you will probably be partying in it through the night. Which is why I recommend dresses like these, instead of skintight ones. I would pair this little number with a solid gold cuff or simple hoop earrings.


Investing in good hair products is important. If you have to, get a trim before the New Year Eve's party as the clean and classic look is very much in vogue. Use wax or a pomade to get that slightly shiny look, but be careful not to overdo it, or your hair will get all greasy.


Be your dapper self by putting on your best blazer. 'Best' here means that it should fit well (no one likes the shabby ill-fitted look). Also, instead of black, try other deeper and darker colours, preferably shades of blue.


Say no to sneakers. Since you will be dancing the night away, the temptation to wear them might be strong, but comfortable formal shoes are a must. If you want to go for a semi-formal look, brogues are really trendy right now. Get yourself a pair in either black or chocolate brown.Read more at:2016 prom dresses uk | best prom dresses

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