How to host a fashion show at your school

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As winter begins teenagers are thinking ahead to Winter Formals, and of course, the Prom, and now is actually a great time to host a fashion show at your school. Why a host a fashion show? It's a great way to help raise funds for your event, and it isn't really that hard to organize. There are several steps you will need to follow to make your school fashion show a success.

First secure a teacher or other school official who is willing to supervise the event. Once you have a teacher or school official to supervise then go to your high school principal or dean or events office to tell them what you are planning and go through proper channels to have the event approved.

Next, select a student body committee. This means that the students who volunteer are willing to put the time and work into creating and executing the show. You will need members who can drum up other students who are willing to be runway models, others who can secure advertisers and still others who can secure clothing stores, make up artists and hair stylists for the event. Many businesses are reluctant at first to get involved in school project so it is best if you go armed with reasons they should help you out. Free advertising is often a good draw and a true no expense way to help pay for the services the businesses supply to your fashion show.

Selecting your runway models should NOT be a popularity contest. Instead, you want a wide range of students (both boys and girls) ranging from very thin to pleasantly plump. The worst thing you can do is discriminate or worse humiliate students because of their size or shape. It's their school too, and they have every right to feel welcome at the event as the average student. Generally speaking, taller models are preferred just like in real life. The reason? Models are like clothes hangers and taller models tend to make the clothing look better which is a positive thing for the clothing stores and boutiques you approach to be part of the night. (After all would you buy a dress or suit if it didn't look great on the model?) Don't forget to approach Plus Size stores for both boys and girls when you are seeking store sponsorship for clothing for the evening. They will help accommodate students who might not be able to shop at traditional stores.

Now you need to select someone to host the event on stage. This person should know fashion, and be confident enough to speak in front of a crowd. You will also need a DJ to play music for the runway. Music should be loud enough to hear but, not so loud that the host cannot be heard. Several runway practices with the DJ and student models should be scheduled in advance of the show to get the timing down right.

The setting is fairly easy. All you need are chairs and a large enough space to hold a lot of people such as the cafeteria. Create the runway by simply placing chairs on opposite sides of each other. If you're brave enough, you could also design a "T" shape runway where models alternately enter from the left side then right side and so on until everyone has had their turn.

On the evening of the show have student models show up several hours earlier than the start time of the show to have hair and make up done. It's a good idea to offer refreshments to models, backstage crew and those volunteering time and effort creating hairstyles and placing makeup on students (so seek permission to have drinks and things to eat backstage from your principal or whoever is in charge of such requests.) Keep food and drinks away from all runway garments at all times!

Now step back and enjoy the show. Remember no one is expecting a "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week" quality show! Things will probably go wrong so just laugh off what you can, and apologize for any big blunders. Have fun and good luck!Read more at:vintage evening dresses | celebrity inspired dresses

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