Forget of haute couture: start-ups are the future of Italian fashion

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epa05185432 Models present a creation by label Salvatore Ferragamo during the Milan Fashion Week, in Milan, Italy, 28 February 2016.   EPA/MATTEO BAZZI

Although Italy is still renowned worldwide for its haute couture brands, many fashion start-ups are now hitting the Italian scene, redefining the standards of fashion.

The famous business magazine Forbes has made a list of the most promising new Italian brands and start-ups related to the fashion industry.

On top of the list, there is Giannico, founded in 2013 by the then 17-year-old Nicolò Beretta, who designed stilettos for Lady Gaga and Kate Moss. Giannico has also won the support of Stefano Gabbana, one of the kings of Italian fashion.

Among the biggest competitors of Giannico is Oscar Tiye, a shoe brand funded by Amina Muaddi and Irina Curutz in 2013 in Milan. In few years, Oscar Tiye’s heels have become the favourites of stars such as Eva Longoria and Gigi Hadid.

But Giannico and Oscar Tiye are not the only shoes’ start-ups recommended by Forbes: indeed, the list also includes Le Village, a Florentine brand of handmade sneakers funded by Matteo Caparrini in 2015. Le Village’s sneakers come in six different designs and can be customised. The brand, whose art director is Roberto Zampiero, opened its first store in Milan few months after its launch.

Listed by Forbes is also a watch start-up, D1 Milano, co-founded by Romans Dario and Alessia Spallone, Alessandro Pedersoli and Mattia Bodini. Established in 2013, D1 Milano has created the first thermo-chromic watch in the world –which has rapidly become a trend in Japan, Dubai and London.

With regards to accessories, another start-up that made it on the list is Les Petits Joueurs, a bags brand based on the customisation of bags with LEGO’s pieces. Created in 2013 by Maria Sole Cecchi, Les Petits Joueurs is now available in 145 countries.

Two clothes brands are regarded by the prestigious magazine as the future of Italian fashion: Sunnei, a man menswear label aimed at redefining Italian tailoring, and Palm Angels, another menswear brand created by Moncler Art Director Francesco Ragazzi and inspired by the American skateboarding culture.

As for the Italian fashion apps, Forbes lists FABS (Fashion Buyers Society), the app targeted at professional fashion buyers and aimed at facilitating communication within department stores teams and enhancing the exchange of content among buyers, Front Row Tribe, which allows users to rent their favourite outfits for four days, and ELSE Corp, a B2B start-up that offers technological services to fashion companies’ online platforms.See more at:sexy prom dresses

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